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Głogów [ˈɡwɔɡuf] is a town in southwestern Poland. It is the county seat of Głogów County, in Lower Silesian Voivodeship (since 1999), and was previously in Legnica Voivodeship (1975–1998). Głogów is the sixth largest town in the Voivodeship; according to the 2004 census estimate the town had a total population of 71,686. The name of the town derives from głóg, the Polish name for hawthorn. The natural values ​​of the city are: vegetation and animal cover, soils, waters and a varied landscape.

The greenery system consists of parks (around the Old Town and the Sępolno channel), the riparian greenery on the Odra and Ostrów Tumski , small forest complexes, allotment gardens and, in recent years, the greenery insulation system around the copper smelters. Within the city there are sixteen natural monuments. The Odra river areas are biologically active complexes and are the mainstay of waterfowl.

Among the oldest towns in Poland, Głogów was founded in the 10th century as a Piast defensive settlement and obtained city rights in the 13th century from Duke Konrad I. Due to the town’s strategic location on several trade routes, the townspeople received many privileges and benefits, which brought wealth and greatly reflected on the city’s architecture. Over time, Głogów grew to be one of the largest fortified towns in Lower Silesia.

The demolition of fortifications at the beginning of the 20th century improved the chances for further growth. However, towards the end of the Second World War Głogów was once again turned into a defensive fortress and as such suffered almost complete destruction.

Currently reconstruction works are being carried out with the aim of restoring the historic pre-war appearance of the town. The castle, which was rebuilt between 1971 and 1983, now houses the Historical and Archaeological Museum.

Since 1984 the town also has been the venue for the Głogów Jazz Festival, which features local and international singers, musicians and performers.


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