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There are many search engines on the web, but most of them are configured to handle as many carriers as possible by thoroughly reviewing their offers and reaching out to those who are interested in the best possible deals. As a result, neither the best deals nor the best deals are the best. Often the offer is inconsistent, otherwise, when using popular search engines, we are not able to set up transfer points to find the cheapest way to get from point A to point B.

In such moments with the help comes Azuon, a desktop application available on Microsoft Windows and Android. Its operation is analogous to search engines. After launching the program we see a simple window, without unnecessary visual effects. The program allows us to take immediate action. From a rather extensive list we choose the place of departure and return, the date of the trip and we begin the search. After a few seconds at the bottom of the window a list of available connections from the cheapest to the most expensive is displayed. Of course, we can sort it out at your own discretion (arrival date, departure date, general travel time, etc.). [1]



To book  a flights found by Azuon you should make some steps:

  1. Right click on a found flight and choose ‘Book flight’ option.
  2. A window of your favorite Internet browser will pop up with the fare ready for booking. [2]



Note that if you select a multi-leg fare a number of browser tabs will open up, each for one leg.


The search algorithm was designed so that the initially available connections were the cheapest regardless of the route of travel. In this way we can fly to London cheaper than Rome, which would be possible in the case of a direct flight. Of course, the route and possibly stopovers are prepared for any configuration. These in turn are very advanced.

You can freely specify the conditions of your return including the number of days stay at the selected destination. In addition, it is possible to configure the “transfer”. We can determine their number, taking into account the distances between neighboring airports, the maximum or minimum time between interchanges, or the exclusion of routes with an overnight stop.

Worth noting and legally relevant, is the option to limit aircraft changes only within the Schengen area. We must admit that for those who do not have a passport now, this option is necessary and invaluable. As for the further configuration connected directly with the flight, we can also use the payment option. This allows us to calculate charges for additional luggage (depending on the price of the carrier), cost of transport to the airport or additional charge for credit card payment not supported by the carrier. The application has a comprehensive database of airlines, allowing us to choose the payment card we use. Thanks to this, the program automatically adds the appropriate amounts to the cost of our transport.

An interesting option is also the form of travel planning by limiting its budget to a particular value. In this case, the program searches for and limits the cost of the flights to the amount indicated by us (of course, provided that it is sufficient). There is also the option of finding accommodation in a place of our choice – however, this facility is carried out through an external service to which the user is redirected. [1]

The prices shown in Azuon are real final prices that include all taxes and mandatory fees. Make sure you choose your favorite payment methods (e.g. credit cards) in tab Prices to ensure that even the very last, credit card fee is included. You can even have luggage fees included. Azuon finds the cheapest flights ever because:

  1. it searches exclusively low cost airlines,
  2. is an independent search engine that compares prices fairly – we have no deals with any airline
  3. it uses smart algorithms to combine direct flights into customized, very cheap multi-leg flights unlikely to be found online

The Azuon Software currently update the routes and currencies. [2]



Azuon contains only airports used by airlines it supports. Not all airports in the world are used by low cost airlines and not all low cost airlines are supported by Azuon. You might nevertheless want to click ‘Update routes and currencies…’ in case the missing airport is a new destination for one of the supported airlines. [2]

  • System Requirements

Azuon is an undemanding application that installs in 3 clicks and 5 seconds.

Hardware requirements: 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz processor, 10 MB hard disc space.

  • How to install Azuon on Windows

Azuon requires Windows XP or later with .NET 3.5 Framework or later. Note that .NET 3.5 or later is already included in many current versions of Windows. However, if you use Windows XP, you may need to download .NET 3.5 or later separately.

  1. Run downloaded Azuon.msi file. Ignore any security warnings from your browser or operating system.
  1. An installation wizard will open. Welcome to Azuon: you need to click Next just once.
  1. You might get an error message mentioning .NET. In this case, please install .NET separately from this official Microsoft download web page.
  1. Open Azuon and log in with your email address and password. If you haven’t signed up for an Azuon account yet, click on Demo. [4]

Azuon does not find all possible flight combinations. In particular, it does not find all possible 3-leg multi-leg flights, since there are billions of such combinations. Azuon instead finds the most promising combinations for a given day and route. As prices change over time, your combination might be worse or better than some offered by Azuon, but in virtually no case will an entire flight offer from Azuon be worse than your own flight combination.

Azuon has a feature, which protect users from potential crashes: when fare tables fill up with 10000 rows, Azuon stops your search.

If the Azuon is too slow here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Decrease the number of stopovers.
  2. Turn off multi-leg search, especially if you deal with many origins and destinations.
  3. Decrease the number of origins and/or destinations
  4. Uncheck airlines you are not interested in: you might already know which airlines are known to be cheap for your origins/destination.
  5. Define a maximum price you are willing to pay in Price Options tab
  6. Decrease date range to search
  7. If you’re not interested in flights on all weekdays, uncheck undesired weekdays

It’s posible that sometimes prices shown in Azuon are different from the ones on airline websites. There could be various reasons for this, here are a few:

  1. Azuon always shows the very final price which includes all taxes and fees. Make sure you reach the last web page during booking process before you compare it with what you see in Azuon.
  2. The payment method you are using is different from the one set in Azuon. Go to tab Prices and choose your payment method for that airline.
  3. Prices might slightly differ due to different currency ratios used by Azuon and the airlines. Furthermore, some airlines such as Wizz Air have quite different prices for the same flight depending on the currency chosen, irrespective of the actual exchange rate.
  4. Airline prices keep constantly changing. Each price in Azuon has a validity time stamp called ‘age’ which expresses how much time ago that price was actually valid. To make sure prices in Azuon are still correct, right click on fares you’re interested in and choose the Refresh price option.

Sometimes total price just appears to be wrong. There are 2 circumstances that could lead to this:

  1. You have defined extra costs for your trip in tab ‘Prices’. These costs are added to the final trip price, not to the prices of particular flights of that trip.
  2. Your trip includes more than one easyJet flight. The easyJet website allows booking multiple flights at once. When you do so, the booking fee might be smaller than if you book these easyJet flights separately. [2]

In conclusion – Azuon is a very interesting tool and has a good chance of meeting a large number of users. The multitude of options and simplicity of use may appeal to those who are tired of using popular web sites. Their action leaves a lot to be desired, but usually they are cluttered with various types of advertising. The only drawback of Azuon is that the program is not free, but considering how much money we can save using this program, spending 9.01 € for three months, 14.02 € for six months or 19.03 € for the whole year of the program does not seem to be a big expense. [1] [3]


Made by:

Nicoleta-Larisa Dospinoiu

Tomasz Koszewar


[1] http://www.spidersweb.pl/2012/11/azuon-najlepsza-wyszukiwarka-tanich-polaczen.html

[2] http://azuon.com/en/help

[3] http://azuon.com/en/sign-up

[4] http://azuon.com/en/download

Larisa Dospinoiu
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