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Vlad Constantinescu

Vlad Constantinescu

A few things about myself



My name is Vlad Constantinescu and I was born in  January 25th 1990 in Romania in a city called Pitesti, where I am still living in the present.I graduated primary school(Nr. 2 “Ion Minulescu”) in 2005 and after that I went to a local college called “Zinca Golescu” where I graduated  in 2009.Now I am a student at  the University of Pitesti.I like to think of myself as being a funny guy and a very friendly and communicating person.I like meeting new people all the time.I am a fan of all kinds of sports and also I am very keen to  drive.As for music and movies,I don’t think there is much to say:I don’t have a favourite singer/band and I don’t like to watch only one kind of films or listen to one music style.




Phone number: +40743019356 (Romania)
+48797633791 (Poland)

E-mail: totti_razboieni@yahoo.com

Skype: vlad-constantinescu




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