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Prof. Dr. Rajesh Khajuria

Prof. Dr. Rajesh Khajuria

Page_3Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, is the founding Director of SMJV’s CKSVIM Business School, CEO of TEAM Projects & Consultants (since 1983) and Hon. Secretary, Region 10 of Accreditation Council of Business Schools & Prorgrams, (ACBSP) USA. He is also an advisor to State Bank of India, Industries and Corporates.He has an experience of 35 years experience in Education & Research (17), and Industry / Management Consulting (18). He has advised over 300 Projects / Industries with total investment exceeding USD 20 billion, achieving up to 95% Success in projects. His Management Consulting and Industry experience includes Manufacturing industry, Management Consulting in Project Viability and Funding / Fund Raising for clients in Banking, Corporate, SMEs, NGOs / Education sector, in Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Amusement, eBusiness, Schools, Colleges, and University Projects with investment from Rs 5 Crore to Rs 300 Crore.


Office: C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management

Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya Campus

R V Desai Road, VADODARA 390 002, GUJARAT, INDIA

Email: director@cksvim.edu.in (Education)

Web: www.cksvim.edu.in

Email: dr.khajuria@gmail.com (Consulting)

Web: www.TeamPro.org

Cell. +91-94260 75402

Interview with Prof. Khajuria conducted by students:

1.What do you think about this university?

“I think is a very nice university with a brand new campus. It has interested professors, I can see that some of them and very seniors one are sitting here and you don’t see it in some other European universities. They will “This is your lecture, thank you very much!”, when you finish please come to my office. In Germany it is like this, so it’s very personalized and this shows that people are greatly interested in learning, one sign that a country will progress much faster.”

2.Which are the most 3 most important things that somebody should know about you?

“Very challenging! I have to look within. Maybe I would say that I love education, I love students. I think that I am ethical, maybe 99%. I am non-violent, I don’t think violence,  I don’t speak and I don’t do. And one example I shared with the professor in the lunch time was that some bad people contacted me in India with a gun and want to loot me, rob me so I say “this is what I have, take it” but they said “this is not enough, I need more, we need more!” so I said “give me your address, I will send the money”. So they did not believe first and I assured them that I am not going to send police. So they gave me the address. I did not have as much money as they were demanding, so I say that I will send you by monthly instalments, out of my income. I did it actually through my account and I delivered. The person still lives in my city, but he crosses me on the road he cannot meet me to my two eyes, he just looks down and goes away. My purpose was, he should never do this again with somebody else. It’s not a good idea to rob someone. But how do you teach? It cannot be taught in the classroom. The only way you can teach this is by being non-violent to them and then telling them that this is not a good thing, but only telling it won’t work. You have to satisfy their demand first and then they realize that is not good. His hand is bellow now, mine is up because I paid him, right? So non-violence, you asked about religion , so I was born in a Jain family so our first principle is non-violence. That’s is what I think people should do.

3.Which is your domain of activity?

A lot of stuff! Of course, consulting that I used to do, a lot of education I do, more than teaching I seat on the state government committees, I chair the global MB program for the state of Gujarat at the Gujirat Technological University, which is offered by 81 colleges and institutions in the state and I innovate, design new courses, thorough my committee, of course they work with me and together we introduced 35 new courses in the last 5 years and I am still every time working on this. I sit on our central government ministry of human resource development which looks after education sector of our country, on a special committee to restructure technical education in the country, to advise them.

4.What do you like to do?

And of course my favorite pass time is singing, hindi songs of course I used to sing from my school college days and playing with young children. I really like young children of 5 or 6 years. I just love them, watching, playing.

5.We saw your CV and we saw that you were in London. What made you go there, because we see that you like very much India and why did you come back?

It was like … You know I had my brothers and sisters, part of my father’s family in London for 45 years and I wanted  to visit them once. I wrote to the government and they said we will give you permanent residence, based on your CV, but you send your original degree and others credentials. So I refused that , because who was responsible if they would get lost on post? So I don’t want to send. They said “ok. We will make an exception for you, so you send photocopies”. So I sent them photocopies and they gave me permanent residence, with no condition, no job in UK, no UK education, no sponsor, no investment. I lived there for an year or so, but then… to be more frank I did not like the British culture , because it was too opponent forward for a person like me and I  thought than rather be treated like a second class citizen in Britain I would better like to be treated  as a first class citizen in my country and this was more important. Also I could see at that time (2005) that Britain was going down. It was number 1 country which ruled half the world in last century and I told in the public forums that Britain will go down unless it works with developing countries like India. They did not like my statements. Today I say you are number 4 and you will be number 8 after 10 years. They did not believe. Today you compare GDP countries, Britain is number 8 after 10 years. Of course I can work in Britain, sitting in India, I can visit them, but I love to be in my country and work for the nation and work for the people that are interested in development. So I surrendered my residence after 1 year.

6.We saw in your CV that you are involved in a lot of projects. What makes you still teach?

Well… It was like a turning point you can say, that after I returned from London, in 2005, I thought that… by then I had about 25 years of experience in advising 300 businesses. I should now… What should I do in my next career? One is to continue, one is to… something else. What is that something else? To give the knowledge that I gain, the experience… Education is the best sector where you can share knowledge, so I started doing it more and that is what I am doing and I think I am doing well in the domain that I work in.

Beside these activities we also saw that you have publications in order to give further your information. I am very curious how do you manage your time, because you seem a very occupied person, I mean family, students, your personal business, because you said you also have a personal business…

It’s bad actually. I am not very good in time managing, but I have an extremely supportive, extremely supportive wife, she was an English teacher in private schools, but she is extremely supportive. She cooks, I don’t cook at home. It is typical in India, that the ladies cook, but the cooks 100%, even a cup of tea she would prepare and give me and everything that I would do she would support. One reason why I am able to do so many things is because of my wife. She also gives me excellent ideas of what to do and what not to do. She is my fond adviser. She is my boss I would say, a sort of. If I don’t follow her I will be in trouble, not from her, she knows, she is a sixth sense, very good. She is very pure. She says the sixth sense comes from the purity of hearth. I believe her. Second is I am workaholic. I don’t drink alcohol, but I am workaholic. So I used to work for almost 16 or 18 hours a day, which was not good. So when I reached 50 I had to undergo a triple bypass surgery. So they took one vein from here (points at his forearm) and one vein from my left leg and one from inside (points at his chest). God always gives extra arteries in the body. And then I was cut and pasted and stitched up. I have 6 wire clips, so when they put the metal detector at airport it starts “bip, bip, bip” and i just show and they say “OK we understand”. So six wire clips, stainless steel, that will die with me, they will always remain with me. So this was another turning point for me that is not good working a lot. I used to enjoy life also, that does not mean I did not, but not too much. My enjoyment was also work. Plus some other pass time. Six and a half days of week I would work and kind of it. I changed after that. Now I work for about 8 to 10 hours, not more and rest I take care of myself. But that is one reason, also I believe I have support from all my team members, my faculties, my stuff my students, more particularly my faculties and my colleagues. Extremely good support I enjoy. So I am able to deliver. There is a lot more that I do, which is not mentioned in my CV. My CV is 9 pages but I reduced it to 3 because is too boring to read 9 pages about 1 person, but you can google out.

7.We know that decisions are very important in our lives. What kind of information do you need before taking an important decision?

My personal belief is something which you may or may not agree. But this belief has come, when I was young. I thought that, in MBA we were taught, we need information to take a decision, to inform a decision, right? In business we are taught like that. I was also taught. After 35 years I think information is only half the role to play. The other half is your intuition. How do you feel? Information says go ahead, but your intuition says no, don’t go ahead, you will fall in the pit. Then you should listen to intuition, rather than information. And then take the decision and you will never go wrong with your intuition. You can go wrong, only with information, but you can never go wrong with intuition, it what I have experienced. There are reasons for it, I can explain hours on intuition, but in short if I say that God has made each one of us with so much brain power that we hardly use 1 or 2%  and they say that Einstein used 7% of his brain power. So we hardly use. Now the brain power, brain has a capacity to process information faster than the super computers, but do we trust our brain? Do we believe so? If you start believing your brain, you need information so your brain can process, read, write, speak, experience, do what you want to do, but when you take a decision think for a good amount of time, only think. Maybe not think, not change? What is your intuition? What is your feeling? And that feeling will lead you to the right decision. Right? Feeling will! I am compelled to share one example based on my observation in Europe of young people. Everywhere I went I saw that young people were drinking alcoholic drinks, manly beer which has 5% alcohol, or wine in Slovenia which has 16%, or whisky 32%. Whatever, students I am talking about. Ask yourself… is it really important to drink? Why? And does it add value to your body or is just a pass time and whatever your answer your hearth will say, your intuition will say it is the right answer. But what young people is to see their friends drinking , then they see bottles which are lined up, then they see the pocket which has money and what stops them? Nobody stops them from drinking! But, have you ever asked yourself “why are you drinking?” and why not a fruit juice? And why not a glass of water, which has all the minerals in the world to give? And not only that it can clean your system, digestive system, water is the elixir of life. Without water we could not survive, but we leave water (thanks somebody for drinking water) aside and we want to drink something that it does not add value, but ask your intuition. It’s just an example, don’t take it personally, it’s just what I thought. I may be wrong.

8.What is your definition of success?

Ahh… Definition of success? You know professor, you have intelligent students. Definition of success is so difficult to answer… I have to go by negation, removal. Money for me is not a sign of success, because I come from a business family. My father in business made more money than I am making in consulting and education. Reputation, in my field, I think I have sufficient. I think success is more about being with the family, uniting with the family. Success is more about satisfying your customers, for me they are students now, the earlier clients. And success is more about being ethical, not cheating, not doing problems, more about being ethical. And success is more about being non-violent to me. Because after conquering half the world Napoleon had to die, very bad death. And all such people who tried conquer the world they did not meet a good end and the world does not remember them very nicely, and you know this, everybody knows this. While look at people who look non-violent, say Gandhi, Martin Luther King even Nelson Mandela , people remember them. I saw the statue of Gandhi in the united nations compound. There was no statue of Napoleon Bonaparte who conquered half the world. So that is success for me. A lot small success is being able to talk to you people, visiting your country , is also a part of my success.

About Prof. Dr. Rajesh M. Khajuria:

  • Director & Governing Board Member – Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya’s

C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management (MBA & PhD Program with Gujarat Technological University)

  • CEO – TEAM Projects & Consultants (since 1983) – Advisor to State Bank of India, Industries and Corporates.
    • UK (London) Resident in 2005, returned to India to serve Vadodara-Gujarat and INDIA.

Current Hon. Positions:

  • Hon. Secretary-Treasurer, Region 10 (Asia-Pacific 17 countries), Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP), USA – (2013-2015). Visit: www.acbsp.org
  • Chairman, GTU’s Global MBA Program Syllabus Committee; Chairman, Global Country Study Report (GCSR) Committee, Convener, FDP for MBA for GTU; Convener, Three National / International Conferences on Business Ethics & Corporate Governance at GTU, Coordinator, DSTU Research Project, VC Nominee and several other committees at GTU. Visit: www.gtu.ac.in  
  • Member, School Research (PhD) Committee, Gujarat Technological University, governing about 100 Doctoral Candidates in Management and Interdisciplinary Research. Approved Guide / Supervisor for GTU’s Doctoral Program, and Examiner for PhD at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, and SNDT (Women’s) University, Mumbai.
  • Convener, Faculty Development Program (FDP) which trained over 1,100 Teachers of over 100 MBA Colleges under GTU during last five years 2010-2014, which is perhaps the largest Faculty Development Program in the country.
  • Editor-in-Chief, SANKALPA: Journal of Management & Research (ISSN 2231: 1904) since January 2011.
  • Member, National Advisory Board, Higher Education Forum of India; CII Sub-committee on Skill Development and Employable Education for Western India, FGI Managing Committee and FGI Skill Development, Education, Program and PR Committees. Member, VCCI, BMA, AIMS, SEAA (New Delhi).
  • Published many Papers in various Referred National and International Journals.
  • Member of GCET 2002, 2003, 2004 Admission Committee, PhD and MBA Examination Committees at South Gujarat University, Surat, and BBA Program of Sardar Patel University during last 3 decades.


Passion & Mission
  • Transforming Gujarat and INDIA into Knowledge Society through Management Education, Research, Publication, and Consulting.
  • Promoting Education, Healthcare, Skills, Innovation and Enterprise.
  • Turning Local Industry / Education into Globally Competitive and Profitable / Surplus generating Organisations.
Personal Statement
  • Leader, Teacher, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Knowledge-seeker, Motivator and Relationship Person.
  • 33 years experience in Education & Research (15), and Industry / Management Consulting (18).
  • Subjects taught: Strategic Management, Business Ethics & Corporate

               Governance, International Business, Asian Business, Global Country

               Study and Summer Internship Program.

  • Advised over 275 Projects / Industries with total investment    exceeding USD 20 billion, achieving up to 95% Success in projects.
  • Management Consulting / Industry experience includes —     Manufacturing industry, Management Consulting in Project Viability   and Funding / Fund Raising for clients in Banking, Corporate, SMEs,    NGOs / Education sector, in Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Amusement, eBusiness, Schools, Colleges, and  University Projects with investment from Rs 5 Crore to Rs 300 Crore.
  • Invited / visited UK, Germany, Geneva (Switzerland), USA, China,  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Singapore (Government), Bangkok & Hong Kong for Industry Conferences, Investments, Education, Collaborations.
Key Achievements                         Knowledge, SEZ, Infrastructure, Industry and Service Sectors:

  • Founder Director, Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya (SMJV’s)  C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute  of Management (MBA & Ph.D Program), at Vadodara. Visit www.cksvim.edu.in
  • Founder In-charge & Coordinator, MBA (Tourism & Hospitality Management) Program, Department of Business & Industrial Management, South Gujarat University, Surat.
  • Healthcare Sector: Advising Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Trust in Bangalore to create the largest Healthcare Network of Medical Colleges and Hospitals throughout India at total   investment of Rs 10,000 Crore (USD 2 Bn).
  • Advisor to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for “Vadodara: Knowledge City” (2007).
  • Advisor to Schools for CBSE and Performance Improvement.
  • Expert invited by International Trade Centre (ITC-WTO-UNCTAD),   Geneva and Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India for ‘Enterprise Management Development’ (EMD) Program.

Gujarat State Development and Infrastructure Sector:

  • Advised SEZs in India: Download presentations www.TeamPro.org
  • Expert in feasibility team of Narmada Dam-Power Stations (1982 -83) & secured World Bank funding as a Core Team member, (2) India’s first Wind Power project at Mandvi-Kutch.
  • Advised viability and funding of several Wind Farms in Gujarat.
  • Socio-economic Expert, KALPSAR Pre-feasibility Team (US$ 10 Billion Dam with Tidal Power Project), 1997

Industry (New Projects & Performance Improvement):

  • Advised transformation of Rs 100 Crore Company into Rs 1,000 Crore (US$ 230 million) Indian Conglomerate and world’s largest Caster Oil      & Derivatives producer having 15% Global market share over 12 years.
  • Advised State Bank of India (Gujarat), Central Bank of India (Mumbai) on project funding and performance improvement of several projects in Education, Chemicals, Machinery, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Building Materials, Petrochemicals, Plastics etc sectors.
  • Gypsum Board / Block Board Project with possible Chinese      collaboration at Ankleshwar. (Rs. 20 Crore).
  • Rs 80 Crore (USD 16 million) Agri-based Chemicals project with   Japanese Equity Investment and Chinese technology for 90% exports,    for M/s Ihsedu Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd).
  • Advised State Bank of India on appraisal of Rs 77 Crore Asahi        Songwon Colors Ltd with Korean technology, and ongoing viability of    SBS Colores & Chemiques Pvt Ltd, Ankleshwar with French   Collaboration, having 80% exports to 30 countries.
  • Advised takeover and funding of a Hotel in Kent, UK.
  • Change Management, Team Leadership Development & Turnaround:     
  • Jyoti Ltd, Vadodara a USD 20 million listed 60 year old Electrical &   Power Equipment manufacturing company. TEAM was appointed by a consortium of 3 large Banks.  Resulted sanction Rs 16 Crore (USD 3 million) special funding (USD 2 million ECB from Bank Muscat, Oman)   from Central Bank led consortium + Dena Bank. Trained 150 Managers and 400 Staff, and motivated Labour to improve co. performance     which doubled over next 5 years.
  • Dramatic Performance Improvement and Turnaround of Rs 17 Crore (USD 3.5 million) amusement/water park Great Escape Waterpark, owned by Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd, Mumbai, a leader in Amusement industry equipment manufacturing company – through management / HR intervention, benchmarking, process-changing,         cost cutting & revenue raising strategies.
  • HR Performance Improvement, IT Networking of a Rs 50 Crore (USD 10 million) Sayaji Iron & Engineering Co. Ltd., Vadodara, an infrastructure (road making) machinery manufacturing listed company by   Management and HR intervention/training to top 100 managers and engineers from 2 plants and 7 sales offices.

Amusement / Entertainment Sector:

  • Constructed / advised setting up water / amusement parks on    Turnkey basis from concept to commissioning, management &      training to US / International (IAAPA/WWA) Safety Standards,    achieving 30% savings in project investment. Sponsored by Trade         Development Board, Government of Singapore and addressed International Conference of 40 nations on India’s Real Estate Development potential for international community.
Education –  Birth – Family
  • PhD (Management) in Success of an Enterprise & Feasibility Studies (1989-94), South Gujarat University, Surat
  • MBA (Finance), First Class First (1979-81), SGU, Surat
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) (1976-79), Sardar Patel       University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.
  • Schooling at Gandhiji’s Kishorshinhji School, St. Mary’s, and Virani      High School, Rajkot.
  • Born in Wau (Sudan–Africa) in 1958, returned to Rajkot in 1964.
  • Hobby: Singing, Jain Ethics, Teaching, Travel, Cultural Exchange.
  • Member, Jain Social Group – Mid-Town, Vadodara
Professional Awards & Speaker at National & International Conferences
  • Fellow (FIMC), awarded by The Institute of Management Consultants  of India (IMCI) in 1995 for outstanding contribution to developing   Management Consulting profession in INDIA.
  • Awarded CMC (Certified Management Consultant) by IMCI,      recognised in 45 countries. Member since 1985.
  • Received several Awards and Certficates for Innovation/Contribution    to University, Education, Industry, and Medical / Professional Bodies-Gujarat Technological University, World Jain Federation, etc.
  • Addressed over 100 Management Conferences including Global    Gujarati Conferences (Pre-Vibrant Gujarat event by Govt. of Gujarat), International Conferences in GTU (Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar), and Industry Association Conferneces at Vadodara, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai (India);  as well as in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bielefeld    (Germany) and now USA (ACBSP in June 2014).





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