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Prices & currency in Polkowice and Lubin (Poland)

Polkowice Panorama (Source of this photo) Ok, this place is beautiful, everything is fine. But, in this world you need money to live. So, what about prices and currency in this country, in this place? Lubin Panorama (Source of this photo) The currency of Poland i

Daniel Onache

People in Poland

Source of this photo From the first day in Poland we were welcomed by friendly people who were very happy to help us with anything that we need. They understand that we are foreigners and do not know their rules, being very receptive to our needs. I played soccer and voll

Son Madalina

Be active in Poland!

Poland is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts. This country invests in places where people can do any sport they want. For example, Polkowice is a small town that offers many places for people who want to move. Here you can see some of the places where we like to go


Care for environment

In Poland is accorded much attention for environment. The grass is regularly cut and cleaned, the flowers are wet and groomed, the alleys are cleaned. When you get into a park you feel clean air and a pleasant environment. Also, here, in a park of Polkowice there are person


Trip to Głogów

Yesterday we've added a new city on the list of visited city in Poland by participants in Erasmus mobility. So, we were in a little trip to Głogów. Really beautiful place. That was a nice experience with a lot of things to learn about this culture and of course, about

Daniel Onache

A day of practice

Today we had to find out what doesn't work in a computer case. First of all we cleaned all the components. We checked the video signal so we connected it to a monitor and turn on. We noticed it isn't giving signal to the monitor. What we did: we checked the graphic card,



During our walk through Lubin we passed through this wonderful park where we relaxed and enjoyed this beautiful view. It's beautiful, right? :)  

Son Madalina


Where do you want to go? Because from Polkowice we have roads to entire world :) Polkowice is a modern, European town, a guarantee of lucrative and successful businesses and a good place of relaxation and resting from an everyday life.



Today we have been working on ordering university server cables. we first checked each computer in which internet port is connected, then disconnect them, from the server without creating problems in other rooms.

Victor Alexandru Ovadiuc


In this internship I had the opportunity to visit Brussels, a historic center full of charm and beautiful.

Nicoleta Marambei
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