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Trip to Bautzen

Bautzen is a very beautiful and inspiring city. We were mesmerized by the architecture of the buildings and the landscapes. We visited many places like: Schulerturm, Alter Wasserturm, Bautzener Rathaus.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Trip to Dresden

In Dresden we visited the city center, Zwinger Palace and the chocolate shop Lindt where we tasted the best chocolate ever. It was an awesome experience for our first time in Germany. The unique style of the buildings and the calm, relaxing atmosphere made us forget

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Trip to Prague

The second destination was Prague, Czech Republic. Here, we saw Charles Bridge, Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague Castle and the city center. We choose to have a cruise with the boat on Vltava (14 €/person) for 50 min. We saw Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. We recomme

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Trip to Museum Gross-Rosen

For this weekend, we decided to go on a trip through two different countries for two days and one night. The two countries are Czech Republic (for Prague) and Germany (for Dresden and Bautzen). The total distance for the trip was over 800 km; a long distance, but it was

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Visit of Mrs. Honorata Poźniak

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting msc. ing. Honorata Poźniak. She told us a few words about her job as a manager of practical training in Zespół Szkół in Polkowice. It’s thanks to her that we are capable to work as a team with polish students.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Folk Music Festival

Hello!This weekend we had the pleasure to be present at Świat Pod Kyczerą (The World Underneath Kyczerą). A folk music festival that impressed us with the multitude of dances and songs specific to several countries; for example: Albania, Ukraine, Spain.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Meeting With Indian Professors

Hi! These days we had the pleasure to meet 4 of the greatest professors of India : Mr. Sudeep Tanwar, Mr. Sudhanshu Tyagi, Mr. Yashwant Singh & Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh. Their presentations were about ‘’How To Write A Research Paper’’, ‘’Game Theory

Ionut Daniel Stan

Just Another Day At Work

Hello, friends !We wanna tell you how we spent the last few days at work.We cleaned the PCs with an air piston compressor and projectors.We made groups to work faster: 2 of us had to unplug the wires from the PCs and to open them and the other 2 of us cleaned them. To

Marian Dragos Voicescu

A new start in Poland

A new start for us. A new country, a new place. We see everything as a new opportunity that life has given us. We went to Poland for the next two months to learn new things and to perfect the things we know. None of us had flown by plane before, so this first step we had to

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Feedback’s after trip in West Europe-Prices, accommodation and route

8 days, 7 countries, more than 10 cities and villages visited, 3700km with 180€/person. We were 5 persons, so in total this trip cost us approx. 900€. Very low price and definitely worth it! Prices In West Europe prices are higher than in Poland. Usually, 1 PLN in

Daniel Onache
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