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About us

About us

We are a group of students engaged in the search for the greatest professional experience. We are really grateful to our University, to DWSPiT and to Mr. Polkowski because they offered us such a good opportunity to travel abroad, to learn new things, to get some experience in our domain, also to improve our English and prepare a few papers that will become an international research project. We believe that our stay in Poland will help us to get a good job in the future. We are convinced that this new experience is amazing and unique because we found in Poland a second home. We come from different faculties but we have the same target: to be the best in our specific fields.

ERASMUS is a European university program designed to enable the exchange of students between EU countries. Looking back into the history we can say that ERASMUS is a successful initiative in the modern and unified Europe.
We are glad that we are having the opportunity to visit a new country, learn its culture, make new friends and gain a lot from this experience. Our goal is to become better people and better Europeans by the end of this exchange.


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