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Andreea Maria

Andreea Maria

A few things about myself


My name is Andreea-Maria Catalina. I`m 22 years old and I`m studying at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Pitesti. I was Erasmus student between March and July 2013, in the DWSPiT, Faculty of Administration, Polkowice, Poland. Erasmus DWSPiT meant wonderfull teachers, interesting classes, practice, friends, fun. The most important project I’ve done in that period was linked to an article published together with Professor Zdzislaw Polkowski about “Support for business in Poland, Russia and Roumania”. This project had  involved much study, information from various sources and  a lot of time. Other achievements are the conferences that I attended (both in the Faculty of Polkowice and in various cities in Poland, such as Olsztyn, Karpacz), practice  in the Polkowski`s IT company. There  I learned how to work in WordPress and CorelDraw (which helped me  realise a poster from this image), website journal where I worked, posting pictures and stories of daily events; and not least explore different cities of Poland.

I want to say  thank you to everyone, faculty, teachers, friends, and to everyone involved in DWSPiT Erasmus project!


E-mail: andreea.catalina_maria@yahoo.com



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