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Laurentiu Neagoe

Laurentiu Neagoe

A few things about myself



My name is Laurentiu Neagoe, I am a student at International Relations Faculty, graduated from The Economics of Trade, Tourism and Services Faculty and I have 2-year experience in fields like Commerce because I have worked for a Vodafone Romania dealer.

Among most recent achievements, allow me to highlight my activity as a Sales Representative for the New Vision Company. I and my colleague formed a great team, which brought a 10 percent sales’ increase over the last 12 months in the store I worked at. I am, therefore, ambitious and highly motivated in accomplishing my goals.

I have excellent communication skills, I am easily adaptable and I consider new tasks as real challenges. Along my career, I have proved to be a really good team player, but I can also manage individual tasks very well.




Mobile phone:+40746667754


Curriculum vitae:cv_laurentiu_neagoe



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