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Today, we met the director of the Polkowice prefecture, at the new building. We went for  a tour of the building, which was built using the latest eco-friendly technology, the goal being to achieve the lowest cost of the maintenance possible. We were much impressed with  the concept, the architecture, and with how local politicians work in the service for their citizens, their new ideas for the future.  We hope that one day things will be the same in our city as well. We exchanged ideas and discussed  the strengths and weaknesses of our countries. We were very proud to represent Romania abroad and we tried to make a good impression.

After that, we visited Sitech, a German company, that manufactures seats for Volkswagen cars. We underwent training with specialized personnel, learned about the manufacturing process, about Germans concepts and how to work in a factory. We were very impressed with this factory and we hope that in the future we will have another chance to do internships in other German factories in Romania or abroad.


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