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A new start in Poland

A new start in Poland

A new start for us. A new country, a new place. We see everything as a new opportunity that life has given us. We went to Poland for the next two months to learn new things and to perfect the things we know. None of us had flown by plane before, so this first step we had to do was also something new.

We had a nice flight on the Bucharest-Berlin route, we were delighted by the city we arrived in. Expectation seemed to nurture in our souls the feeling of impatience for what we would expect in Poland. Well documented about this country, climate, places and history, we had a sense of familiarity for the country and the city that had to become our “home” for the next 2 months.

When we arrived in Polkowice, we were impressed by the architecture of the place and the tranquility that the city emanated. We were glad to get to the apartment that was going to be our home for the next two months and arrange our stuff.We did not feel either the fatigue of the waiting hours or the fear of the new beginning, but only the “warmth” of the city that will host us during the summer.

So, this is the beginning of our adventure, the beginning of a life-changing experience that will help us become better engineers and create memories that will last forever.

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu
Written by Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Hi, I am the editor on this site. My skills are perseverance, adaptability and creativity. Blogging-ul and attention to detail are my superpowers. The article about the places I visited is part of my life, as well as the photo.

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