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Feedback’s after trip in West Europe-Prices, accommodation and route

Feedback’s after trip in West Europe-Prices, accommodation and route

8 days, 7 countries, more than 10 cities and villages visited, 3700km with 180€/person. We were 5 persons, so in total this trip cost us approx. 900€. Very low price and definitely worth it!


In West Europe prices are higher than in Poland. Usually, 1 PLN in Poland means 1 Euro in West Europe.

Everything in fuel stations is more expensive, so it’s better to buy from big commercial centers.

Fuel for 3700km cost us approx. 215€.

For some roads/highways in France (highway taxes) we paid 40€ and in the Czech Republic we paid for 10 days Vignette 18€.

For safety reasons, we decided to use only underground and supervised parking places. Of course, it’s more expensive than parking on the street, but we wanted to prevent not nice situations. Usually, price for one hour of parking in this type of parking places is set in the interval 1-3€, but depends on city and location.

Accommodation was very good, but with effort for finding the best balance between price and quality. We decided before this trip to reserve 25€/night/person. So, in 8 nights we will need 200€/person only for accommodation. Prices for our budget were located around 50-130€/night for all of us. In all situations, we used less than 25€/night/person and it was great.


To find good accommodation we used Booking.com and their dedicated app available in the App Store or Play Store.

To use this application you have to set in the first place Location of the area in which you want to search. Also, you can use Around current location to search nearby offers. After this you need to set the period for your accommodation, number of people and the number of necessary rooms.

Tips & Tricks:

-use Sort option to sort all offers by Price (lowest first) to have in the top cheapest offers

-use Filter by Price (interval of available money), Facilities-Free parking, Parking, WiFi, Advanced filters-Check-in time (your arrival time), City/Area of interest, Only show available properties Activated

-use Around current location every 5/10 minutes if you are in a hurry to find accommodation


We advise you to buy firstly fuel from Poland in PLN and after this from Luxembourg in Euros because it’s cheaper.

The route was flexible and we visited all places that we want.

Daniel Onache
Written by Daniel Onache

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