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Versailles-point of history since 1624

Versailles-point of history since 1624

Versailles is a city in the Yvelines département in Île-de-France region, renowned worldwide for the Château de Versailles and the gardens of Versailles. Versailles is a city built around the main attraction of this area, Palace of Versailles.

This palace, the residence of many kings in France among history, came like an idea of the king Louis XIV when, in late 1623 the king decided to build a small hunting lodge where he could stay the night and which he first used in June 1624. Since then, successors upgraded, improved, reconstructed this small building to what we see today, a huge terrain fully of specific construction of centuries with a very large green area. If you are in France, definitely you should visit this to feel 400 years of history and to enjoy the musical gardens. You can visit here the Palace, Gardens and Groves, Estate of Trianon.

Also, a great reminder, here, residents of Europe students can have free admission under 26 years. You will need to pay only 8.5 euros for Gardens. Prices can be checked in the last photo of this post.

Watch more about this place here:

Versailles, from Louis XIII to the French Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X235vpOToVU

Versailles after the French Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjsmqmSNnHU

Website: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/

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