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Prices & currency in Polkowice and Lubin (Poland)

Prices & currency in Polkowice and Lubin (Poland)

Polkowice Panorama

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Ok, this place is beautiful, everything is fine. But, in this world you need money to live. So, what about prices and currency in this country, in this place?

Lubin Panorama

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The currency of Poland is złoty (code: PLN) and the actual currency conversion to Euros look like this: 1 PLN = 0.23111 EUR. In Lei (RON) currency of Romania, 1 PLN = 1.08 RON.

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Polkowice and Lubin are very reach zones in copper and this is the main reason that they have money. They afford a lot of things and can sustain low prices at quite anything.

On the other way, Romanian guys like very much cheap and good things and why not, free things.

It’s a good thing to know about prices in this country if you want to visit Poland to make some ideas about what sum you need here for a good living. So, we have:

-prices in hypermarkets

Here you have many hypermarkets, supermarkets like Kaufland, Lidl, Pepco, Auchan, Tesco, Biedronka. Prices are mostly the same with prices in Romania, and products are very good at convenient prices.

A nice thing for foreign people is that you can buy things in Euros (especially in Kaufland or Pepco) and they give you rest of money in zlotych. In this way, you can exchange currencies by your own without big commission

-prices for trips with buses in towns

In Polkowice and Lubin, residents have free access to public transport all around the town by yellow busses. For transport between towns you have multiple cheap solutions. Example: for a trip (student case) from Polkowice -> Lubin you pay only 3.5zl

-prices for fuels

In case of fuels, here are cheaper than in Romania. Right now, one litter of Petrol cost aprox. 5.10 zl, one litter of Diesel cost 5.14 zl and one litter of LPG cost aprox. 2.1 zl. So, in this country you can travel a lot more with same money 🙂

-prices for attractions & food

Attractions are basically free of charge. You can find here a very nice park with animals like a zoo garden and with a dyno park. Also you have free access on playgrounds for different kind of sports. The big screen from main park was great during the matches from World Cup too.

The food is goooood and cheap. Especially from Cuprum Arena in Lubin. In this 2 towns you have McDonald’s, KFC, good places to eat cheap kebab, pizza and cooked food

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