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Książ Castle

Książ Castle

This Saturday we had the great happiness to visit Książ Castle. This wonderful castle will always remain as a beautiful memory for us.WALBRZYCH, Poland — If you are fascinated by Second World War secrets, treasures and ghosts, then Ksiaz Castle is the place for you.A breathtaking site, it sits on a wooded hilltop in the city of Walbrzych, in southwestern Poland. The area drew worldwide attention recently when two explorers announced they had located a secret tunnel that hides a wartime armored train with the precious load. The news revived a local legend of a train laden with gold and valuables that the Nazis reportedly hid from the Red Army in the mountains in 1945.





Diana Niti
Written by Diana Niti

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JacekPosted on  10:24 am - Aug 7, 2017

Have you found a gold train? 😉

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