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         Boating on the river  Vltava

        Today after we visited many wonderful places ,we decided to relax boating on the river. The Vltava  is the longest river in the Czech Republic, running southeast along the Bohemian Forest and then north across Bohemia, through Český Krumlov, České Budějoviceand Prague, and finally merging with the Elbe at Mělník. It is commonly referred to as the Czech national river. The Vltava river is 430 kilometres  long and drains an area about 28,090 square kilometres  in size, over half of Bohemia and about a third of the Czech Republic’s entire territory.In August of that year, the basin was heavily affected by the 2002 European floods when the flooded river killed several people and caused massive damage and disruption along its length, including in Prague. It left the oldest bridge in Prague, Charles Bridge, seriously weakened, requiring years of work to repair.Prague was again flooded in 2013. Many locations within the Vltava and Elbe basins were left under water, including the Prague Zoo, but metal barriers were erected along the banks of the Vltava to help protect the historic city centre.

         For us were  a good time to admire the wonderful landscape. I hope I can return soon to Prague.





Andrei Lazarescu
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