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Work at DWSPIT

We arrived at 9 am to the University from Polkowice. There we met Mr Polkowski and Berna. Together we came into the classroom. First, Mr Polkowski and the boys told us how it was their trip to Berlin. After that Mr Polkowski wanted to tell us something about our meeting with his wife and with her class of pupils from High School. Then, Mr Polkowski gave to Laurentiu by memory stick the presentation in power point from previous group of Romanian students. Laurentiu worked on this presentation all day and Andrei helped him. In that time, the other students worked on our papers and we did the posts. At 3 pm we finished the activities and we returned home.

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Hi, I am the editor on this site. My skills are perseverance, adaptability and creativity. Blogging-ul and attention to detail are my superpowers. The article about the places I visited is part of my life, as well as the photo.

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