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Daily Archives:August 5, 2019

Pol’and’Rock Festival Poland 2019

Last week, one of our Polish friends told us about a rock festival which will be held in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland. This event is called Pol’and’Rock Festival Poland (formerly known as Woodstock Festival Poland). He told us that if we want to go, we can organize a trip for 2 days to this festival. So, all of us decided that we should

We left at 2 PM and we have arrived almost in time to see Lordi, a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band popular in Poland and the main reason for which we wanted to go. When we heard their hit song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, we begun humming and jumping like everybody.

After the concert, we went to eat. We had the chance to eat pierogi (a well-known dish in Poland), we can say they are really amazing and when the opportunity will arise, we will make sure to try them again. For the night, we set up the tents and got some rest to be ready for the next morning when we could buy souvenirs from this festival.

We hope that we can come again for this festival in the next years.

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu
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