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This time we put the soldering gun aside and focused on some desktop work instead. We created a moodle website.

For beginning, we will explain you what is moodle and what it is used for. Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system (LMS) and is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors. Moodle is used in every country in the world by educators, in k-12 classrooms and higher education institutions. Moodle is also widely used for training professional development in many organizations and businesses of various sizes.

As you well know, in any field there are both positive and negative factors, but this site has a lot more benefits than negatives.
• Free, customizable, actively managed and updated, mobile friendly
• Unlimited users
• Resources – guides, etc. all free
• More and more tutorials online, a result of a vast online community of user groups
• Easy to install (you need 2 things: Access to your hosting Control Panel and a FTP client to transfer the files to the server)

We are using moodle to share our knowledge with every student that wants to learn more!

You can check our moodle site here: http://moodle.compexpert.pl/ (it is in progress).

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Meeting with Mr. Wiktor Hajer

Today, we had the pleasure to meet a wonderful person; he is Mr. Wiktor Hajer. This person is not just a great man in electronics (he made the first radio internet in Poland – Tx-438.200 Rx-7,60 M).

We went to his radio club and we were amazed by the things he had made by his hands and the amount of postcards received from all his radio-friends around the world, for example: Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Croatia, Brazil. Some of the equipment that he is using: Netzgeraet 20/22A, YAESU FT 77, BC610E, IC-9700.

When we had entered this room, we could feel his passion from its atmosphere: all devices have been nicely arranged, every wall had a panel with his postcards and loved ones, an uniform from his later years of command, old and new devices used very carefully.

He showed us how he is communicating with people from other states using YAESU FT 77 and his computer: he was searching for the specific frequency of the country,  he transmitted his coordinates and waited for a response. He made a link with Russia and London. The big advantage of his work is that, in case of a disaster, he can communicate everything via radio waves when phones will be corrupted.

For him, this is not about the money, this is not “work” for him, he’s doing it to help people and out of passion for radio and telecommunications.

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

BCS Monitoring System

Another day, another challenge!

This time we’ve installed a monitoring system inside and outiside of the office. For this, we had to install the Smart PSS software for the BCS Monitoring system.

Now you can watch what’s happening in the office even if you’re not there, using the software on your laptop or mobile phone, no matter how far away you are.

Here is the result of the work we have done:

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Lamps & wires

We would like to tell you about the challenges we faced in the last few days in our internship here in Poland at CompExpert under the guidance of Mr Polkowski.

We’ve learned how to use the soldering gun to prepare wires for the lamps and then installed them in the office.

It has been a really interesting experience and we developed a new skill that will surely be of use to us in our future as engineers.

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Trip to Bautzen

Bautzen is a very beautiful and inspiring city. We were mesmerized by the architecture of the buildings and the landscapes.

We visited many places like: Schulerturm, Alter Wasserturm, Bautzener Rathaus.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Trip to Dresden

In Dresden we visited the city center, Zwinger Palace and the chocolate shop Lindt where we tasted the best chocolate ever.

It was an awesome experience for our first time in Germany. The unique style of the buildings and the calm, relaxing atmosphere made us forget that we were supposed to leave.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu

Trip to Prague

The second destination was Prague, Czech Republic.

Here, we saw Charles Bridge, Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague Castle and the city center.

We choose to have a cruise with the boat on Vltava (14 €/person) for 50 min. We saw Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. We recommend you to have this experience at night. The view was beautiful.

We visited Old Town Square and Illusion Art Museum.

The first attraction impressed us, Old Town Square was one of the most beautiful places that we had visited. Prague’s architecture is spellbinding.

The second attraction was wonderful;  there were several 3D images that you can try to pose with, a handful of piles of objects that, from the right angle, appear completely differently, and two particularly entertaining 3D objects that exploit perspective to lead to some confusing or amusing results.

We could not leave without experiencing the famous beer from Prague. They say you have not visited Prague if you do not taste the beer, so we had to try it.

We’ll let the photos tell you the story about Prague:

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Trip to Museum Gross-Rosen

For this weekend, we decided to go on a trip through two different countries for two days and one night. The two countries are Czech Republic (for Prague) and Germany (for Dresden and Bautzen).

The total distance for the trip was over 800 km; a long distance, but it was worth it.

Our first destination was Museum Gross-Rosen / Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp from Poland.

As soon as we arrived, we could saw the places where tens of thousands of people had to survive the persecutions of Nazi. We saw where they ate, how they were treated, how they slept and read before bed time, how they died etc. We liked the authenticity of how everything was merged with its history and modern times (images and videos from that period).

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Bizhub C35 KONICA MINOLTA & HP Color Laserjet 2600n

Today, our task was to find out the problems of two printers, Bizhub C35 KONICA MINOLTA & HP Color Laserjet 2600n. 
To make a diagnostic, we need to connect the printer to a laptop. After the connection, we must install and run the drivers of the specific printer.

For the Bizub printer, we have found out the errors: it needed a waste toner box, a toner cartridge and chips for magenta and yellow colors. So, we ordered new ones and replaced them.

For the HP Printer, we discovered the errors by running a program that allowed us to see the problems in the internal way, HP Print and Scan Doctor. It resulted that we needed to replace the cartridges for cyan, yellow and magenta colors and put paper

Bianca-Georgiana Crețu

Visit of Mrs. Honorata Poźniak

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting msc. ing. Honorata Poźniak. She told us a few words about her job as a manager of practical training in Zespół Szkół in Polkowice. It’s thanks to her that we are capable to work as a team with polish students.

Alexandra Gabriela Dragu
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