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February-July 2013


Bye Poland,bye Polkowice we are going to Romania,we will miss all,specialy the girls that we meet here,i hope we will return to this nice and quiet town.



At 10:00 am we had classes with Prof.Polkowski until 16:00,after we go home to pack our staf,and to eat and to sleep because in sunday we will go in Romania.



In this morning I was at college with Ana. We must have the last course with professor Peter Lambert. Professor Peter Lambert  corrected Ana`s website. After an hour we  said goodbye to the professor, we thanked him and we  prepared for the interview. Today we, Romanians, gave an interview to local television. I talked about the programs that we learned to work and about the conferences I attended. After the interview we took a few pictures. I hope that everything went very well. At 13:00 we all went with professor Polkowski to visit a public institution. It is the institution that deals with social assistance. It was very nice. I found interesting things, for example about the help that  poor people receive. We socialized a bit with some old people who were there to meet new people with whom to spend your day, with which to narrate and play different games. At the request of Professor Polkowski I sang a cheerful song. They  thanked me, they  listened to me and they applauded. It seems that they liked. After that we’ve turned to another building of this institution. There was a kind of school with extended hours.  Here we met some children  and  they  danced  for us. The children were very glad that we visited them . Our activity for today finished  here.



In the morning, between 8:00 and 10:00 I was at practice with Ana. From 10:00 to 12:00 we were at the University because we had course with professor Czachor. We watched a movie about politics, revolution in Iceland, but a revolution in a pleasant way. After the class we went to the city hall. Here we met with the mayor and deputy mayor. We received a small gift. I love it! We talked about the administration of Polkowice. For example, I learned that the city has 23 local councilors. The biggest surprise was that we found here the flag of Romania. The mayor was in Romania, in Praid Salt and perhaps this is why. Mayor of Polkowice known a mayor from Romania. I was excited about this visit. :)



Day off from practice. At 10:00 we had course with Professor Czachor. Ana, Bianca presented their projects. After each presentation there was a debate. At 14:00 Cristina and Ioana had exam with professor Kotlinski. After many minutes I followed with Ana and  Bianca! I got four. I was happy, thanks Dean Kotlinski, he was indulgent! After the exam, we had course with professor Polkowski. At  home I worked on my  paper.



08:00 to 10:00 practice with Ana in  Polkowski`s office. We had to work jobs in the EU administration. By 10:00 we had course with Professor Czachor. During the course, Ioana and Cristina had presentations and followed by a discussion of the each of them. In the second part of the course we received help from the professor regarding your paper. We continued to work on paper. By 13:30 we had professor teacher Polkowski. I got the theme to make a report about Chinese negotiating style. Today I received another grade from e-Business and e-Commerce. To enlarge the grade from  5 to 5, 5 Ana and I had to create 5th accounts  on  e-commerce sites. We did this and we have received reward.



08:00 course with Professor Peter Lambert. In the course professor at the request of Professor Polkowski my site correctly. Also today we got the first grade. We thank Professor Peter Lambert for the 5! After the class me and Ana went to practice. Here we had to do a report on the advantages and disadvantages of international trade and give examples of international companies that  have success or not. Here, I got to practice new two more grades, e-administration and computer systems. Thank to professor Polkowski for 5.5!



We had exam to AutoCAD from 12:00 to 15:00 and then we went home where I worked on the website and PowerPoint presentation for the next day.

2013-06-17 12.26.24 2013-06-17 12.26.23 Kowaleska



We had hours to Dr. A. Izworski, then Prof. Polkowski. We stayed at University all day from 08:00 AM to 18:30 PM. It was a very tiring but ended well.

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Today we were at the university. We had course with  professor Polkowski. I, Ana and Ioana have formed a team and we had to make a chart in Microsoft Visio about the government program in Tunisia.

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