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July-September 2015


Today we waked up to 7 am o’clock because at 8 am o’clock we went at company but not for work, we went to give some gifts for Mr. Polkowski and his team because they are the best persons from Poland!!! After that we had a special meeting with a professor from our university, Ms. Corina Savulescu. We was very happy to sow a familiar person around us!  Ms. Corina Savulescu has prepared an interesting presentation for Mr. Polkowski and for us. The title of the presentation was “An-Approach-of-Artificial-Intelligence-Application-for-Laboratory-Tests-Evaluation” and this give us the opportunity to hear new information and new words.
We want to thank professor Corina Savulescu for her work and presentation and because was a pleasure to see an friend from our country.

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Today, at 9 am o’clock we arrived to the company and first task which we had to do  is to call Razvan to talk with him about your departure because our trainship is nearing completion!  Now, we try to finish aur work here, to complete all the documents and, of course, to prepare for our EuroTrip!  We must work extra hours at home because we should have everything completed until our departure.




Today at 10 o’clock we go to mister Polkowski company and after that we go to  DWSPiT university because we must attend to  the presentation of our  professors  from University of Pitesti from Law Faculty. Even though at the beggining we were scared because we thought that we won’t understand every idea from presentation because the difference between our domains, that’s not happened because the professor were patient  and explain us every technical aspects that we were not familiar with it. In the end we want to thanks mister Zdzislaw Polkowski for his support and also to dr Dariusz Zając because he honored us with his presence even though he has a busy schedule.

After the presentation   mister Zdzislaw Polkowski and mister Dariusz Zając invited  both us and our  professor   to university in order to attend at the oppening of a restaurant in their university.










Today at 10 o’clock we go to DWSPiT university because we must sustain our presentation in front of some professor from University of Pitesti from Law Faculty. When we arrived at university mister Zdzislaw Polkowski led us to the classroom where we must sustain our presentation and he said us to prepare because after half an hour he will come with professor and we must be the best. At the beginning of presentation we were a little bit scared because they were very serious but after a while both of us start laughing and we had a very nice presentation.

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DSCN6181    DSCN6185


DSCN6180    DSCN6196




Today we relax with Mr. Polkowski at AquaPark because is saturday and we musn’t work just if we are press by time!! And unfortunately we are very pressed for it because today, after relax, we must start prepare our project because on monday we have to prezent it to our profesors from Pitesti univestity. So, at 2 pm o’clock we went home to start the work at project.



Hello !

Finally the big day come ! Today, Mr. Polkowski arrived to the company from his holliday. He bring us some gifts and we want to thank him again because is a pleasure to know Mr.Polkowski are happy when we are around him!
The principal tasks for today was to summarized all what we done in the last two weeks and to show him the results. After that, me (Florin) and Bogdan went with Pavel (Company employee) to the general school to uninstall old computers and to install the new ones from IT classrooms. Here we saw very powerful and modern computers for IT domain.

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Today after we finish our work at the company we decided to go in the forest in order to  discover her hidden beauties and also to go for some fresh air and silence. When we arrived there we decided to  follow route  that’s placed at the entrance. We spend there almost three hours in which we  discover the beauties of the forest and also took advantage of her silence and beautiful views.

.DSCN5998       DSCN6000



Today because it was  a sunny day and also our colleague Roxana name day, we decided to go in the forrest  for a walk and also to  celebrate her name day. Even if the road to the forest took some time it’s worth it because we find in the forest a place of beauty and peace. We spend there approximately four amazing hour and we want more but the rain destroy our plans.

DSCN5891      20150815_191736



Today we arrived to the company at 9 o’clock and we start the work immediately ! We spoke with Mr. Polkowski on Skype because he must tell us some tasks for this day, so, we go ahead !!
At 3 pm o’clock we went home for eat some food and after that we go to gym to refresh our mind and body!



First thing which we want to say is “have a nice holyday!!” to Mr.Polkowski and his family. Today we had the fist day without Mr. Polkowski and was very boring because nobody bring us some information, jokes or inspiration!
So, my friends we must work hard and without Mr. Polkowski!
We still search information about Academia.EDU, Research Gates and Google Scholar to know what is right and wrong on this websites.

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