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July-September 2013


Practice and after that fun

At 9:00 am we arrived at the University. On that day, Mr Polkowski came with an English teacher Mr Robert Rogacki. In the first part of the classes, we made websites, so we created our usernames and passwords. After that, Mr Robert Rogacki corrected some of our motivation letters and CVs. After the correction we sent everything to Mr Polkowski by e-mail. In the second part of the classes, we started to do the International Project. So, the boys started to create the first page with such components as: home, project, gallery, about us. I and Ramona wrote in Word about our activities until that hour. We finished the classes at 3 in the afternoon and we left to visit the downtown, we took some pictures and we have a lot of fun.


visit_downtown_1 visit_downtown_3 visit_downtown_4 visit_downtown_5



The visit at Sitech Polkowice

We arrived at the University at 9:00 am where we met Mr  Polkowski. In the first part of class hours, we spoke about our Faculty. Mr  Polkowski asked us about our rang at the Faculty, about the relations between the teachers and us. At 10  am,  Mr  Polkowski and us went to Sitech Polkowice. There we visited the Company where somebody explained to us the process and spoke to us about the components which they use there. Pavel wore a special suit which made him look like a robot and he tried to do some exercises and we had some  photos taken.

At 1 pm we returned to the University, where Mr Polkowski corrected our CV’s and then, at 3 pm we came back home.

SN850879 SN850875




At 9 am we arrived at the DWSPiT. During the class, we learnt how to register on some e-commerce sites like: Amazon, eBay, Zentrada. Mr Polkowski gave us a few tips, how to buy cheaply on these sites and he also told us to stay away from Melango because it’s not reliable.  After that, the boys learned to repair some IT devices and  Mr Polkowski told us about the program for next day, each of us must create their Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae by filling in specific forms found on the Internet.

university_1st_day_3 university_1st_day_1



Visit at Action Company

For us, the  IT guys wait is over, at  15:00 we  arrived at Action Company.

Action is a wholesale distributor of IT equipment. In addition to its own brands it sells products of some of the world’s biggest computer firms. Its main suppliers include AMD, Hyundai, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony. Customers include retail and corporate clients. In addition to distribution, Action manufactures computer hardware. It sells desktop computers, monitors, MP3 players and UPS devices under its own brands .

There we were greeted by the  manager of  this company, good friend of  Mr. Polkowski. In the two hour visit of Action companies we could see and understand all the process by which the company managed, with  only a few employees to  distribute and sort on electronic products and components for other  companies that, in their term, are  distributing them to  clients.

Whole process starts from building boxes that were delivered the goods ordered by the company by phone or internet, the products were   automatically placed in the box and then the box were checked for proper employees to see if the command corresponded, which were distributed automatically in different parts labeled with the name of the city must reach follow the process from building boxes in witch  were introduced products we could understand each automatic system, which was controlled by a computer and the different software, with monitoring systems, they could see and verify the entire process, and to check out all the employees were using scanners to prevent theft of items within the company.

In this visit we have improved knowledge about IT, about how a IT company can manage to complete orders with few  employees because automatic  systems, and we have improved ours English with new words  from IT field.

SN851369 SN851371 SN851372 SN851374



First day of practice

We arrived at the University at 9:00 am and we met  Polkowski, he spoke to us about objectives. Each of us set themselves their own goals:

Laurentiu: To get a job in other countries using IT solutions, e-business and e-commerce.

Ramona: To get a job in other countries using IT solutions and learn more new things.

Andrei: Software and hardware maintenance.

Cosmin: To learn new things in the IT and get a certificate.

Iulian: To learn new things in the IT and get a certificate.

Mr Polkowski: To do  International Research Project with friends from Romania and our university. To have some publications with people from abroad. To help him finish all projects / publications. To prepare papers with us.

Together with Mr Polkowski, we decided to publish a few papers with the following titles:

Paper 1: To get a job in other countries using IT solutions, e-business and e-commerce ( Mr Polkowski, Laurentiu and Ramona)

Paper 2: Using IT tools by elder people. ( Mr Polkowski, Andrei and Profesor)

Paper 3: Using e-commerce in the automotive industry. (Mr Polkowski and Relia)

Paper 4:  Using IT solutions in our life. (Mr Polkowski,Cosmin and Iulian)

SN850870 SN850864 SN850865



Fun at Aquapark

Mr Polkowski gave us a surprise and invited us to the Aquapark for free. So, at 11 o’clock am we arrived at Aquapark, a place where everyone can relax. In Romania  something like that place doesn’t exist. There we swam in the pool and we had a lot of fun. We visited the place inside and we stayed there until 5 o’clock and after that we came back to our flats.

aquapark_1 aquapark_2 aquapark_4 aquapark_9



Second day in Poland, 

At 10 o’clock we met Mr Polkowski. For twenty minutes Mr Polkowski spoke to us about the trip to Lubin. After that, we left in two cars because we were 7 people with him. I with Laurentiu and Ramona went in Mr Polkowski’s and the boys in the second car. After twenty minutes we arrived at the Cuprum Arena Mall in Lubin. There we ate, we walked and we took the photos you see below. It was fantastic, everything was wonderful, very different from Romania. After the visit in Lubin we went shopping in different supermarkets in Polkowice.

cuprum_arena_5 cuprum_arena_4 cuprum_arena_3 cuprum_arena_1



First day in Polkowice, Poland

We arrived in Polkowice at 04:00 AM, after a long road trip by car. At 07:30 AM we met Professor Zdzislaw Polkowski at a Mc Donald’s where we had a short conversation about our stay in Poland. After that short meeting, we went to DWSPiT (a local collage) where we met Ewelina Szumska, she gave us gifts. Then we went to the apartments and we tried to sleep for a few hours because we were extremely tired after 20 hours of travel.

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