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July-September 2013


A new international seminar

We started earlier because we had to go to the Gimnazjum nr 2 im. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie w Polkowicach, where the international seminar took place. We got together at 8 am and started the presentation, with the first group of students at 30 past 8. Ramona, from the ERASMUS office and dr Rafal Czachor. We talked about:

  • The Romanian Educational  System > Andrei Oprea
  • General Information on the European Union  > Cosmin Nicu
  • The advantages and Disadvantages of being a Citizen of the European Union  > Ramona Vamesu
  • Improvement of Language Skills in English  > Iulian Pavel
  • Automotive Aspects in Romania  > Relia Maria
  • Our International Research Project  > each of us presented their paper
  • General Information about Romania  > Laurentiu Neagoe
  • Specific Aspects regarding Romania  > Laurentiu Neagoe

All went great! We finished our presentation at 30 past 10 and, after a short break, we continued with the second group.  After that, at 15 to 12 we went to DWSPIT to talk to the rector, Mr Marian S. Wolański and with the chancellor, Mr Włodzimierz Olszewski. They congratulated us and give us presents. We returned home at 2 pm.

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The meeting at the local children’s Community Center

At 9 pm we arrived to the University. There we continued to work on our papers and later Mr Polkowski came into the classroom. He talked to us about our certificates and after that about the meeting to the local children’s Community Center. At 2 pm we arrived at that meeting, there were the mayor man, the director and the manager of the institution. In that meeting, some of the polish Children made a presentation and they danced in front of us. After that, polish children received some gifts from mayor man and me and my colleges received the certificates from Community Center. After that event we spent some time with the children. In that time we divided into teams and we drew something. Then, we ate some cakes, we took the photos and we said goodbye to all and we went home.

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International Seminar

We started at 9 am at DWSPiT and settled the last details with Mr Polkowski for the international seminar. 30 minutes later, we went to the high school, in the presentation  room. There we met Mrs Polkowska and the vice director.  We made final adjustments to the presentation (I used the previous group presentation, but I modified and improved it on previous days) and we were ready to go. Meanwhile, the room got full. The English teacher was so kindly to be our translator. The first was a Polish student, that presented the advantages for Poland of being an EU member. Then, Mr Polkowski said something about us and our training period. I was next,  talking to the audience about the content of the presentation and persons that will follow. To summarise, the topics were:

  • general information on the European Union and its’ Law system – Nicu Cosmin;
  • e-Codex (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange) – Oprea Andrei;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of being a citizen of the EU – Vamesu Ramona;
  • the importance of improving the language skills in English – Pavel Iulian;
  • the Automotive aspects in Romania – Maria Relia;
  • general information about Romania – Neagoe Laurentiu;
  • specific aspects regarding Romania – Neagoe Laurentiu;

I was also the moderator of the whole presentation. I hope I wasn’t too boring for the audience. At the end, we received some gifts and we took pictures. For me, it was grate!

After that, we went back to the DWSPiT classroom. I didn’t stood much, because Andrew had to go to the Community Center to finish the training with the employees and I had to call somebody from Mr Polkowski’s office. After I accomplished the task, me and Mr Polkowski bought something for us to eat form Biedronka and return to DWSPiT.

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Work at DWSPIT

We arrived at 9 am to the University from Polkowice. There we met Mr Polkowski and Berna. Together we came into the classroom. First, Mr Polkowski and the boys told us how it was their trip to Berlin. After that Mr Polkowski wanted to tell us something about our meeting with his wife and with her class of pupils from High School. Then, Mr Polkowski gave to Laurentiu by memory stick the presentation in power point from previous group of Romanian students. Laurentiu worked on this presentation all day and Andrei helped him. In that time, the other students worked on our papers and we did the posts. At 3 pm we finished the activities and we returned home.



Turkish district,Berlin

As of 2010, there were approx. 115,000 people with only Turkish citizenship residing in Berlin.As of 2010, there were approx. 115,000 people with only Turkish citizenship residing in Berlin.Sunday Mr. Polkowski  showed us the other side of Berlin in that part  living just people of Turkish ethnicity that  are now German citizens.

All I can say about the Germans is that they are different but we are the same.

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Ifa Berlin

Saturday at 9 AM I with Andrei, Iulian and Mr. Polkowski went to the place where the big event Ifa 2013 held. After we bought the tickets we went into the new technologies world. Here you can see all the news in every field starting from electronics, to cars. A lot of people from all over the world came to see everything that the future will bring. What caught my attention was an automatic system of production that was made by engineering students in their final years. Another thing that really liked was the new technologies used in making smartphones and gives competition to this market (iphone, samsung, sony, etc.). Here the time passed very quickly and the day is over and we still had more to see. But it was a nice experience and I hope I have the chance to come see innovations at IFA.

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Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

After a walk through all the Kurfurstendamm strasse we arrived at a big church crowded by people, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The church was damaged during the Second World War and now it is protected by some kind of wall because the authorities liked to preserveit in that status. The Kaiser Wilhelm is the simbolic center of west Berlin.

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KaDeWe Berlin

The Kaufhaus des Westens usually abbreviated to KaDeWe is a departament store in Berlin.

With over 60,000 square metres of selling space and more than 380,000 articles available, it is the second-largest department store in Europe.

It attracts 40,000 to 50,000 visitors every day. The store is located on Tauentzienstraße.

KaDeWe was founded  in 1905 by Adolf Jandorf, who persuaded the famous architect Emil Schaudt to build his store.

This shop German people show their love for luxury articles.

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Friday at 7:30 I with Iulian and Andrei met with Mr Polkowski in front of our block. After the baggages were put in the car we were ready for a new trip, this time in Berlin. Here we had to see one of the most popular cities in Europe. After 3 hours away by car we arrived in Berlin. After that, we arrived we searched the hotel where we were to spend the next 3 days. Then we went to visit the city, especially Kurfürstendamm street one of the most luxurious street in Europe.On this street were all the fashion houses from around the world, luxury shops, restaurants and many other places to visit and have fun.

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Visit to the City Hall

After we worked on our papers and wrote some posts, Mr Polkowski asked us to come to his office. Me and Benia went first to the DWSPiT secretariat to ake 2 diplomas, and then Pvel came to take us to the office. There we left our laptops and did a few prparatios because we shoul meet the mayor, Mr  Wiesław Wabik and the deputy mayor, Mrs Stanisława Bocian. Then, we went to the City Hall, where lady Stanisława Bocian welcomed us and invited in a splendid meeting room. Mr Polkowski was the translator between us and the deputy mayor. First, we found out general informations about the city and its’ sorroundings and then administrative,  social and the economic apects.  Then, we sad something about us, and our conception about Poland and Polkowice. At the end, we change ghifts and took photos. On our way to the exit, we also met Mr Wiesław Wabik. We wew surprised how well he spoke English. After a short dissusion, we took pictures and went back to the office. From there, we went to the Community Center, to make the final adjustments to their WordPress website. After that, we went to DWSPiT, to continue our normal activities. We left for home at 30 past 15 pm.

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