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February-July 2016


This is our rest day since we don’t have school. Even though we have to do some tasks in the house such as cleaning, washing, cooking and groceries. It wasn’t a like a free day, because we also had to do some things for the university, but still it’s better to do things at home, no?

Andreea Craciun


Today we visited the old city of Torun. We went to see:

    Muzeum Okregowe w Toruniu (12 zl for students);
    Church Holly Ghost;
    The ruins of the city (6 zl for students);
    Vistula River with its bridges.

We spend a great time together and we developed our sense of direction because we decided to use the map mister Polkowski gave us.

Andreea Craciun


It was a very important and special day for us because we attended ” The Second International Conference GREEN CITIES 2016: GREEN LOGISTICS FOR GREENER CITIES”. During the session we’ve find out how IT can influence the green logistics of a city and we saw some presentations about a software that can bring many benefits to city logistics. After this, at 4 o’clock, we left for Torun, where we arrived in the night. There we found a very cheap hotel, named Fort IV which has been during the Second World War a barrack for germans soldiers.



Andreea Craciun


Today we visited the beutifull city of Szczecin. We went to Kasprowicza Park, Muzeum Techniki i komunikai i w Szczecin and then in the city center. We can say that Szczecin is a fascinted old city with amazing buildings and views since it combines quite well old buildings and new buildings.


Andreea Craciun


Today we started a trip with Mr. Polkowski in Poland. The first city that we visited was Szczecin. There we rent an apartment and then we walked in the downtown and we went to  Galeria Kaskada to eat and shopping.



Andreea Craciun


Another free day during which we arranged the apartment, we bought what was needed and looked for landmarks in Poland. Because tomorrow is 1 March, Ionut bought flowers to the girls. It was a very beautiful and unexpected gift.


Andreea Craciun


Today we had a day off and Mr. Polkowski led us to the AquaPark in Polkowice where we had a lot of fun. It was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. We were sad that Andreea felt too tired to come with us, but at least she had time for herself to rest at home.

Andreea Craciun


Our first day at the University, yay!!! We met the authorities at the University, have a short chat on how students life will be and after that we went to classes. Our first impression about the building was that it is very well equipped and reprezents a good place where we can develop our skills and improve ourselvs. Polish students were all very friendly and helpful. On this day we had only courses with Dr Polkowski and was super. His teaching style was a little different but we did well.




Andreea Craciun


Today we got settled in our apartments and we discovered new places in Polkowice during our shopping session for the goods that we needed in the house.

Andreea Craciun



Today we arrived in Poland, in an airport in Wroclaw. Mister Polkowski was waiting for us at the airport. He helped us with the luggage and gave us a ride to Polkowice, where he showed us where is our flat, the university and also the police (in case of emergency). It was a full day which had a happy ending thanks to him.

Andreea Craciun
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