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February-July 2016


Today we had day off.

Without practice, without classes but with rain.

We were disappointed because we stayed in our appartament all the day and we wanted to make shopping, to buy some souvenirs for our friends.

So, maybe next time we will do that.

Andreea Craciun


Today we had practice the  all day.


We worked at website and other prejects that we have. Was a productive day for us. 🙂

Andreea Craciun


Today was a another important day for us.We had classes in Lubin, but in this day we took part in important activites and special moments with Mr. Polkowski and Mr Rajesh M. Khajuria. We participated in a presentation of Prof. Rahesh M. Khajuria and he impressed us greatly because he is a special person, who exudes a positive energy, kindness and spreads only good thoughts. For us it was an honor that we met him, and we learnt many helpful things for life from him.
In few days, we will make a personal page about Mr. Khajuria, and we will post his presentations, photos and a short interview with him and will be a big pleasure for all of us to promote such kind of soul.

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Andreea Craciun


Today we had another day off because we had classes during weekend. We wanted to go and buy costumes for Saturday for the pirates party, but we couldn’t find anything so we went with Ionut to look for some shoes. He could not find anythig, but Adriana instead bought somethig. She seems to be luckier than him. We also bought some stuff that we needed in the house and got back home where we chilled, each in his way: Ada playing LOL, Adriana and Lidia watching a movie and Ionut, God knows what he did because even him cannot remember :)).

Andreea Craciun


Today we had classes in Polkowice.In first part of day we had classes with Mr. Gawlinski and we learnt another interesting things.After that, we made some presentations and we put those on the website so, you can see that when you want.

We had a funny problem in this day…. When Adriana showed to polish students  our website and how they can make a post and publish it, she ruined  the site.

Was so funny, because she was very agitated… but after she  calmed down and she managed to fix the problem, everyone was happy.

After classes we got  home and we saw Forza Zu, the biggest concert from Romania, where all the singers were present.

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Andreea Craciun


Day off today ! Because we had a weekend with classes, today was a free day dedicated to movies.
In this day we just cleaned the house and we watched movies all the day.

Andreea Craciun


Is Sunday, another day off for us.
In this day we went for shopping and after that we cooked something.
Afternoon, we went to the AquaPark and we has fun. We swam,stayed in the wet and dry sauna… for us was perfect day.
Mr. Polkowski are still in Teheran and he enjoy the last day there.

Andreea Craciun


First day of weekend!!
This is the second free weekend that we have here, because in Poland we have also classes in weekends.
Today we cleaned the house, and after that we wanted to go for shopping, but…supriseee!! ALL THE SHOPS WERE CLOSED!
So, we went to the McDonald’s to eat something and after that, back to home.

For Mr.Polkowski was a great day, because he had the presentation in Teheran and it was a success.polko

Andreea Craciun


DAY OFF TODAAAY !! No classes, no practice, just a beautiful day with good food, movies and music!
The only thing less pleasant was bad weather, but we stayed home and we watched at movies.

Mr Polkowski are still in Teheran and  he have in every day many activities. He will tell us how was there, how the people are and what beautiful places he saw.

Andreea Craciun


Another day with practice, but without Mr.Polkowski.We worked at tasks from Mr.Polkowski and we already have a strong connection with him and we receive help and good words from him.
Mr.Polkowski got in Teheran and he was welcomed by friends from there, and he was delighted how nice are the iranian people and how many beautiful places they have.

Andreea Craciun
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