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February-July 2011


On Thursday we were a bit late and because of that we weren’t able to meet Peter Lambert and attend conversation classes. On Friday we had IT subjects with Mr Polkowski.



On Thursday, with the help of Mr Polkowski, we got free tickets to the Aqua Park and met the Manager of this facility, a really nice lady. It was fun. Our teacher also joined us and we had fun together. It was funny because Marius’ shorts broke and he was almost necade in the swimming pool.:)))



The trip to the mountains was great; we had a lot of fun. During the day we attended some conferences and depates on relations between Russia, Poland and Ukraine, visited the wonderful landscapes surroundind us -absolutely incredible- and in the evenings we partied We also went to the Czech Republic, because it was very close to where we were staying, but we only spent a couple of hours there due to the fact that we had limited time.  I want to use the oportunity to thank the people from the DWSPIT for giving us this once-in-a-life-time experience! :X



The DWSPIT University here in Polkowice had arranged a trip for us to Wroclaw and we will also spend the next three days in the mountains in Slaska Poreba, along with some students form Ukraine, Russia and also from oru University and from a University in Piwa.



Mr Polanski had corrected our test papers and gave them to us. I got the highest grade, a “5” or “A”, and I was very proud of myself. We also set the date for the final exam.



After a busy weekend, we spent the first two days of the week in the IT office in Firma Polkowski. Of course we weren’t there during the entire day, but we had a lot to do, a lot of papaer work, because the end of the semester is aproaching.




We went to the DWSPIT in the morning to attend English class with Mr Polanski. Later we had classes with Mr Polkowski and completed some tasks he gave us.




I didn’t go to the office today because I felt really sick…Though I worked on a couple of things at home, not to fall behind…



We went to the office at 10 a.m., like we always do on Mondays, and had to work on editing some parts of the articles. It took us a couple of hours but we managed to pull it through..




We had lessons about Autocad today, where we learned some new options; I hreally hope they will be useful some day.


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