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February-July 2014


Today we woke up late because outside was raining. We decided to travel today using subway because of the time.We bought one day ticket for group and we payed only 16 euro. After this we visited Turkish Area in Berlin. After 3 hours we was forced to return in our hotel room because i had pain at my leg. We eat something we get some rest and in the evening the boys returned in the city to visit Checkpoint Charlie and another places in Berlin. At 23:50 they returned in the hotel room.



Today we woke up at 9:00, we ate something and we started to visit Berlin. At 9:30 we started the tour. first we visited Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche after that we toke a map and we started to visit all Berlin. After we finished our tour at 17:30 we returned in our flat we eat something and after we get some rest, me, Mihai and Mr. Polkowski we returned in to the city center to saw Berlin in the night.



Today we started classes with Mr.Polkowski at 9:00, where we spoke about Logistics. At 13:00 we finish our courses with Mr Polkowski and then after 2 hours we went together to Berlin. At 20:00 we got in Berlin where stayed in hotel Edem am Zoo for 4 days. In the evening we together with our tutor, Mr Polkowski we visited Kurfurstendamm street and after 3 hours to visit our area, we went to eat something and then we headed to our hotel to be ready the next day.



Beautiful and sweet free day. We like free days after a lot of work. Beautiful trip in polish forest. Nice smell in the air because of fir tree’s. Beautiful relaxing day with polish frends and the grils. Good feeling and frendly impresion. I just go with my friends in the forest and i come back home in the night. Was a perfectly day and very nice girls there. I very like polish girls!!!….i don’t know whay but i like all …i know why because are beautifull and sweet and i very like girls. i go home at 12 in the night. Perfectly day, I LOVE POLAND!!!!!



Today our group woke up at 7:00 o’clock.It took us 1 hour for for preparing ourselves and after we left our flat. We had hours all day with Mr Polkowski and we needed to find information about video systems and television. Every studend had his task.After we found the information we needed, we had to learn something about them and at the end Mr Polkowski gave us grades. We returned in our flat at 19:00 o’clock.



Today we had a  free day.We woke up at 10:00 o’clock, we prepared our breakfast and after we started to work at our website. For the beginning we needed to describe what we did in Warsaw. Mihai started first, Damian second and Ionut  was the third. That thing took us 3 hours,after that we went outside for a walk. We returned in our flat at 19:00 o’clock. We went to bed at 1:00 o’clock.



Today we woke up at 9:00 we clean the room , take our luggage and we went again in the city. We wanted to visit the Museum but it was closed because it was an important Catholic celebration. We walked through downtown and after that went to the mall where we sowed a movie.At 16:30 we leaved Warsaw and at 23:00 we was in Polkowice.

2014-06-19 12.15.27

2014-06-19 12.14.57



Today on 17.06.2014 we went to Mielec at 17:00 , after 5 hours on the road we got there in Mielec. We searched a hotel in Mielec for rest and in the next morning our profesor bought a new car there. At 12:00 we left Mielec with both cars and we headed to Warsaw. On the road who lasted 5 hours Mr Polkowski searched a hotel for us in the Warsaw center and after we arrived in Warsaw, we left one car in the parking at periphery of Warsaw and toghether we went to the hotel with a single car. We arrived at the hotel at 19:00 where we eat something and after we went to the city center for visiting. We made some pictures with the important buildings from Warsaw and after our visit in old center we remaind at a pub for a pizza where we watched Spain – Chile at WC 2014.

2014-06-18 12.59.29

2014-06-18 13.34.15

2014-06-18 13.45.37

2014-06-18 14.16.28

2014-06-18 14.36.40

2014-06-19 19.40.37

2014-06-19 21.21.46



Today we prepared ourselves for the trip to Warsaw. We woke up at 9:00 o’clock and  prepared our luggages. Mr Polkowski came in front of our flat at 1:00 o’clock pm and took us in his car. In this trip we’ve  been just 3 persons: Damian Constantin, Ionut Raducu Anghel and Ion Paul Mihai. On the road we have spoken about the planning of this trip, about our staying in Poland and many another things. The journey took us about 4 hours and in the end we got in Łódź. The first thing we did was to find the university for accommodation . When we got in our room we left our luggages  and visited the city center. We seen a lot of beautiful things. At 1:00 o’clock am we returned in our for for rest.









Today we started the day earlier because we had classes with Mr Polkowski at 8:00 am. In this classes we learned about E-Logistic. Our task for today, in first classes was to create a poster about ICT tools in Logistic. We used Microsoft  Visio to created this poster. After this classes we had classes Computer Systems until 17:30. We returned in our flat at 18:30 because we was at the market to buy some food. In this evening we went to the city center where we spent some hours there. at 23:00 we returned in our flat.



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