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Feedback’s after trip in West Europe-Prices, accommodation and route

8 days, 7 countries, more than 10 cities and villages visited, 3700km with 180€/person. We were 5 persons, so in total this trip cost us approx. 900€. Very low price and definitely worth it!


In West Europe prices are higher than in Poland. Usually, 1 PLN in Poland means 1 Euro in West Europe.

Everything in fuel stations is more expensive, so it’s better to buy from big commercial centers.

Fuel for 3700km cost us approx. 215€.

For some roads/highways in France (highway taxes) we paid 40€ and in the Czech Republic we paid for 10 days Vignette 18€.

For safety reasons, we decided to use only underground and supervised parking places. Of course, it’s more expensive than parking on the street, but we wanted to prevent not nice situations. Usually, price for one hour of parking in this type of parking places is set in the interval 1-3€, but depends on city and location.

Accommodation was very good, but with effort for finding the best balance between price and quality. We decided before this trip to reserve 25€/night/person. So, in 8 nights we will need 200€/person only for accommodation. Prices for our budget were located around 50-130€/night for all of us. In all situations, we used less than 25€/night/person and it was great.


To find good accommodation we used Booking.com and their dedicated app available in the App Store or Play Store.

To use this application you have to set in the first place Location of the area in which you want to search. Also, you can use Around current location to search nearby offers. After this you need to set the period for your accommodation, number of people and the number of necessary rooms.

Tips & Tricks:

-use Sort option to sort all offers by Price (lowest first) to have in the top cheapest offers

-use Filter by Price (interval of available money), Facilities-Free parking, Parking, WiFi, Advanced filters-Check-in time (your arrival time), City/Area of interest, Only show available properties Activated

-use Around current location every 5/10 minutes if you are in a hurry to find accommodation


We advise you to buy firstly fuel from Poland in PLN and after this from Luxembourg in Euros because it’s cheaper.

The route was flexible and we visited all places that we want.

Daniel Onache

Paris, city of dreams

Well known around the world, Paris still remains a great attraction over the years. We noticed here buildings style which are maintained in great conditions and even new buildings are built to look like the old ones to preserve image of an old city.

Who doesn’t want to see Paris, right? That’s why we want to give you some points of interesting in this gorgeous city.

Louvre Museum


Notre-Dame Cathedral


Arc de Triomphe


Eiffel Tower


Official Website: https://en.parisinfo.com/

Daniel Onache

Versailles-point of history since 1624

Versailles is a city in the Yvelines département in Île-de-France region, renowned worldwide for the Château de Versailles and the gardens of Versailles. Versailles is a city built around the main attraction of this area, Palace of Versailles.

This palace, the residence of many kings in France among history, came like an idea of the king Louis XIV when, in late 1623 the king decided to build a small hunting lodge where he could stay the night and which he first used in June 1624. Since then, successors upgraded, improved, reconstructed this small building to what we see today, a huge terrain fully of specific construction of centuries with a very large green area. If you are in France, definitely you should visit this to feel 400 years of history and to enjoy the musical gardens. You can visit here the Palace, Gardens and Groves, Estate of Trianon.

Also, a great reminder, here, residents of Europe students can have free admission under 26 years. You will need to pay only 8.5 euros for Gardens. Prices can be checked in the last photo of this post.

Watch more about this place here:

Versailles, from Louis XIII to the French Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X235vpOToVU

Versailles after the French Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjsmqmSNnHU

Website: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/

Daniel Onache


CCC is a shoe retail network owned by NG2 in Poland. The company was founded by Dariusz Milek, a graduate of a mining school, who in 1991, after the fall of communism, sold goods in an open-air market in the city of Lubin.

CCC growth rapidly and in 2009, the company owned 585 stores in Poland and 29 in the Czech Republic and Dariusz Milek was one of the richest people in Poland.

Today, CCC is present all over the world, especially in big commercial centers.

Here, in Polkowice, Poland, they have a factory and a big warehouse equipped with very advanced storage technology. Because here, it’s the “heart” of CCC network, they deliver from here to many countries. 65% of their products come from China and the rest are made in CCC factories around the world.

We are thankful for the opportunity to see logistic processes, packing and delivery systems, high-tech storage system and processes of making shoes.



Daniel Onache

Installation of Alarm system

Next step in finishing work with Alarm system was to installing properly devices that made up it.

We started with mounting outside siren. Mr. Polkowski showed us how to connect every wire in this device to work properly. After this, we mounted movement sensors inside of new office. Here, we needed to respect some rules related to mounting area because we don’t wanted to build up sensors to be sensitive outside the building instead to be sensitive in a certain area.

Moreover, today, we learned how to install a keypad for arming and disarming alarm system. Last step was to sum up all wires from these devices in a special box which is meant to be “the heart” of system where central unit is placed.

Daniel Onache

Preparing for installing Alarm system

We continued today our work with preparing terrain for installation of Alarm system. In the first place we’ve completed our electricity network to have electricity in all rooms of new office and to power on needed devices. To start with Alarm system we needed to provide firstly identical cable with that cable for Ethernet network, CAT6 type. We used this type of cable because of better data transfer speeds, because it’s easy to use and because this cable provide 8 wires combined in one pack to connect it more easily.

We’ve done some holes with drilling machine to mount system and we prepared the cable for easy connection. More exactly, we stripped cable and separated the wires for signal and for power supply.

The Alarm system is made up by central unit, movement sensors, smoke sensors, and sirens.

Siren model

(Source of this photo)

Movement sensor model

(Source of this photo)

Daniel Onache

Meeting with a blessed family

In this Sunday, a christian family from the church Nowe zycie kosciol chrystusowy w Polkowicach invited us to lunch at their home in Sobin. Was a great time to know each other, to discuss about our lives and to spend a hole afternoon together. This family has 5 members, Mr. Bogdan & Mrs. Magda Dobroskok, Sophie, Ola and the “smallest” member, Kinga. In this time, at their home, we ate a very tasty meal made in home by Mrs. Magda and before this we prayed to thank God for food and for our lives. Also, we talked about our cultures and we played Monopoly too.

I meet this family in church, at a Sunday service, a service with purpose to worship God and preaching the Word of God.

Conclusion: Poland is full of this kind of people, who wants to help you, fully of kindness. We don’t know all families, all kind of people, but, till now, we meet only nice people and we can be sure that you don’t have nothing to lose if you come here. 🙂

Website of this church: http://zbornowezycie.pl

Daniel Onache

Feedbacks of the first trip around Poland

These days (27 – 30 July) we’ve enjoyed our first trip around Poland. It was a great experience for us and a very nice way to learn history of this country. Route (4 days, 3 nights) was this: Polkowice -> Jasna Gora -> Oswiecim (Auschwitz) -> Poronin (1 night) -> Zakopane -> Krakow (1 night) -> Warsaw (1 night) -> Lodz -> Wroclaw -> Polkowice. Total price for this trip was approximately 300 zl/person. This included food, accommodation (100 zl/person), fuel for car (80 zl/person) and money for car parks. We had some problems with finding good accommodation, but our friend, Mr. Polkowski teached us how to change bad situations in good situations.

Hotel Felix Krakow

(Source of this photo)

Hotel Lucka Warsaw

(Source of this photo)

Daniel Onache

Wroclaw-The city of 100 bridges

Wroclaw, the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is the largest city in western Poland. The history of the city dates back over a thousand years, and its extensive heritage combines almost all religions and cultures of Europe. We saw here mixed architectures from all kinds, many old bridges, many talented people in the center square.

Also, we’ve seen a lot of dwarfs, with different names, in different postures.

Daniel Onache

Meeting with one great personality

Yesterday we had the pleasure to meet Dr. Włodzimierz Olszewski, the Rector of Jan Wyżykowski University, also the man who facilitated our internship here. Very kindly and very happy, he told us about history of this town, what people have been forced to endure, why he has been fighting for many years and why he wants to build a good relations between people through scholar system.

We was very impressed and we’d like to tell you why. We don’t know entire Poland, but in this place we can sincerely tell you that Polish people are interested in you, no matter who you are. They want to progress and they have a good sense to fulfill dreams of a nation. To know pieces of history of this country, to know something about scholar system and to discuss about our purpose here, in Polkowice, our friend and professor, Mr. Polkowski give us the chance to meet a great personality from his country.

Because he is a wise man, we had many things to learn. We learned about how communism destroy this country, but how this nation survived. We remembered about that words “That which does not demolish us, makes us stronger.” and we can say it fits perfectly for this country. Also, he told us about born of this university and about how people work very much here to have a better future. Some of statements that Mr. Włodzimierz Olszewski was:

“Communism demolished us, but we did not give up, we fought to get up”

“You do not have to be the only star, you need to help others to be stars because we have only one sky and it’s enough for everyone”

With this words, sincerely, he inspired us to continue fight, to fulfill our dreams and to help people to become better.

Others things that we’ve discussed was based on accommodation here, on our projects about IT improvements in SME’s, in local market. In conclusion, we are sure that Rektor Dr. Włodzimierz Olszewski is a very nice person who don’t keep distance between him and another kind of people, a good example of a hard working person, shortly, a winner.

Daniel Onache
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