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Today we had classes with Mr Polkowski about disanssembly, configuration and assembly of computers with our polish colleagues and after we tested the configuration computers. We received notes for our mini-practice and then we went with our polish colleagues in physical education where we played volleyball with our colleagues. Was a beutiful day !





Today  we were at practice. We try to make a gallery in our website.We saw some video tutorials about Gallery in WordPress. After that we dowloaded and installed some plugins in our website. At practice we started to search information about business intelligence and start to work at our scientific papers.After practice all students from Romania went in our flat and tried to improve the website.



Today our group had hours with Mr Dean from 13:00 o’clock to 15:00 o’clock. Mr Dean showed us a documentary about revolution in Poland and it was very interesting to see. Video lasted 1 hour. At 3:00 o’clock we had hour with Mr Czachor. At 4:10 our group got home.



Today we had classes with Mr Polkowski at  8:00 o’clock.Mr Polkowski made a presentation for our class.After that we had to resolve some exercises which Mr Polkowski gave to us.From 11:00 to 13:20 we had a break.After that we returned at university and had hour up to 18:00.



Today we had classes with Proffesor Izworski  from 13:20 to 19:00. We learned about 8 segments display .First we recived a scheme with the mounting the microprocessor .We learned how it works and we use it to show some numbers. It was a was a very interesting lesson.At the end of the classes we recived grades from our proffesor




Today we had english day with Mr.Peter Lambert in which we made a surprise polish colleagues bringing them traditional romanian food and they are rewarding us with cakes. All colleagues said they were satisfied and for us it was a pleasure to taste the cakes made ​​by our polish friends. After hours of english we had hours of autocad with dr P. Kowalewski in which we have installed and worked in AutoCAD. It was a beutifull day for us and we’ve experienced many new things.



Today our group went to practice.The first group were at 10:00 o’clock at Mr Polkowski Office and the second came at 12:00.Mr Polkowski asked us to work at our website because we need to improve the design of the site.When our group arrived at home had to work again at the site.



Today we had courses with Mr. professor Liber at 9:40 to 14:55. We learnd how to create and how to modify a simple canvas game, after school we was to make some shopping and to cook something. We made some pancakes in the boys flat. We had fun!



Today we had an important meeting with Professor Polkowski and a ERASMUS Inspector . We made a powerpoint presentation about E-administration in Romania,Poland and Europe. At 9:00 everyone of us had their speech. At 10:00 we finished our presentation and then we have classes up to 1:00 pm with Professor Polkowski. At 3:00 pm Mr. Polkowski invite us to Aqua Park.



Today our group had classes with Profesor Izworski. We had hours between 9:40 and 14:55. First of all we learned to plug in  the wires on the  board. It take us a while because it was the first time. After that profesor Izworski  programmed our  motherboard processor. At 15:10 we were at home.

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